Undergraduate Research

Humanities Writ Large aims to infuse the undergraduate experience with opportunities to conduct humanities research and thereby learn how humanities fields contribute valuable new knowledge through humanistic analysis, perspective and methods. This is a provocative challenge to the traditional paradigm that research needs to be restricted to faculty and graduate students experts, and also supports Duke’s broader goal of increasing undergraduate research in all fields. Our belief is that early exposure to humanistic research and analysis helps students become more thoughtful architects of their own education and more sophisticated consumers of the humanities throughout their lives.


pSearch - Humanities
Perhaps the best way to get a jumpstart on your four years at Duke is to participate in a pre-orientation program. One of these, pSearch, is designed as an introduction to undergraduate research.  Professor Philip Stern leads a humanities/social...Read More about pSearch - Humanities
Art Biennials, Global Humanities, and Socially Engaged Education
This HWL project expands the undergraduate research component of two major projects by Pedro Lasch, Associate Research Professor in Duke's Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies. The first is HOW TO KNOW: The Protocols and Pedagogy of...Read More about Public Art & Socially Engaged Education
The Emergence Lab
Since 2014, the Emergence Lab has been a site of interdisciplinary teaching, research, and collaborative creative work at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels. Through its cross-listed seminars, workshops, exhibits, and publications the...Read More about The Emergence Lab
Togo, Summer 2012
Professor Charles Piot (Cultural Anthropology, African and African American Studies and Women's Studies) formed a small research team – four undergraduate students – that spent two months in Togo in summer 2012 working on health projects. All four...Read More about Togo, Summer 2012