Undergraduate Research

Humanities Writ Large aims to infuse the undergraduate experience with opportunities to conduct humanities research and thereby learn how humanities fields contribute valuable new knowledge through humanistic analysis, perspective and methods. This is a provocative challenge to the traditional paradigm that research needs to be restricted to faculty and graduate students experts, and also supports Duke’s broader goal of increasing undergraduate research in all fields. Our belief is that early exposure to humanistic research and analysis helps students become more thoughtful architects of their own education and more sophisticated consumers of the humanities throughout their lives.


Chinese Public Health Posters - National Library of Medicine Archival Research
Assistant Professor of History Nicole Barnes brings archival research into her first-year seminar, Chinese Medical Beliefs and Practices.  Starting in Spring 2015, and now funded again for Spring 2016, she led a trip to the National Library of...Read More about Chinese Public Health Posters
Duke History Revisited: An Immersive Research Experience
Recent events at Duke and on campuses around the United States have highlighted students’ concern about understanding our own institutional history.  Campus conversations about the culture and values of Duke University often reference the Allen...Read More about Duke History Revisited
Holocaust Education Mobile Application
As the number of living Holocaust survivors shrinks, the urgency to document their life stories increases. In 2012, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel found that one Holocaust survivor died every hour in Israel. Over the...Read More about Holocaust Education Mobile Application
Lee D. Baker Scholars Program
The Lee D. Baker Scholars Program offers a select group of outstanding Duke undergraduates the opportunity to extend and deepen their Writing 101 work in the form of an enhanced, intensively mentored research and writing project, especially in the...Read More about Lee D. Baker Scholars Program
Mapping Athens
Professor Sheila Dillon leads a project that seeks to produce a database and digital map of the archaeological remains of ancient Athens. This project is a collaborative multi-disciplinary endeavor based in the Wired! Lab, and involves undergraduate...Read More about Mapping Athens
Mapping Knowledge In Renaissance Rome: Raphael’s School of Athens
ARTHIST 390S/HIST 390S - Mapping Knowledge in Renaissance Rome: Raphael's School of Athens, was co-taught by Professors Sara Galletti and John J. Martin during Spring 2013.  In the class, students stepped through the portal of Raphael’s painting The...Read More about Mapping Knowledge in Renaissance Rome
Mapping Multiculturalism: American Diversity and the New Multi-Ethnic Germany
The German Department provided support for undergraduates to undertake 3 - 6 week research projects in Berlin seeking to answer specific questions in the following fields: What is the relationship between American and German models of integration...Read More about Mapping Multiculturalism in Berlin
NC Jukebox
This project is focused on transforming an inaccessible audio archive of historic North Carolina folk music into a vital, publicly accessible digital archive and museum exhibition. Nearly 97 years ago and into the 1930s, Frank C. Brown, a Duke...Read More about NC Jukebox
Old Stones, New Technologies: Computer Vision and Medieval Walls
This project is part of a multi-year research and teaching initiative that will result in independent research and senior distinction theses for undergraduates.  A team of Duke undergraduate students is working closely with Professor Caroline...Read More about Old Stones, New Technologies
Platforms & Passageways
The research project Platforms and Passageways explores the informational walls that inhibit resettlement and reconstruction in the aftermath of war and disaster. It draws on research in post-conflict zones in Colombia to develop methods and tools...Read More about Platforms & Passageways