Staging Cultural Networks in the Language Classroom

Staging Cultural Networks in the Language Classroom
2011 to 2012
Emerging Networks
For Staging Cultural Networks in the Language Classroom, the entire group of Italian Language Lecturers and Lecturing Fellows will redesign the third semester of Italian toward a student-centered pedagogy based on collaborative and experiential learning. This approach underlines the socially constructed nature of knowledge and empowers students by tapping into their specific fields of interest and promoting ownership of learning.
The redesigned course will engage a new conceptual framework involving representations of body, space, and relations, allowing students to expand their understanding of the relationships between language and culture and forge connections between the elements of language as form (syntax, semantics, pragmatics) and language as action (performing identities, speech acts and functions). The approach exploits the deep connections between language study and a wide range of fields in the Humanities and beyond. It continues an ongoing emphasis on collaboration and vertical integration by engaging advanced students to work as teachers with their peers in earlier phases of the language sequence.


Mattia Begali
Lecturing Fellow
Molly Boarati
Academic Program Coordinator, Nasher Museum of Art
Mimmo Cangiano
Graduate Student Instructor
Laura Casa
Della Chambless
Lecturing Fellow
Luciana Fellin
Associate Professor of the Practice of Italian in Romance Studies
Matteo Gilebbi
Lecturing Fellow
Andrea Scapolo
Lecturing Fellow
Emily Sposeto
Lecturing Fellow
Saskia Ziolkowski
Visiting Assistant Professor