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Speculation is a science fiction game directed by Katherine Hayles, Patrick Jagoda, and Patrick LeMieux that explores the greed-driven culture of Wall Street investment banks and the 2008 global economic collapse. Speculation belongs to the genre of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). ARGs are not bound by any single medium or hardware system. Instead, these games use the real world as their primary platform. ARGs incorporate a range of media, including text, video, audio, phone calls, email, social networks, original software, and even live performance. Their stories tend to be broken into discrete pieces that players actively rediscover, reconfigure, and influence through their actions. Player networks created around ARGs are inherently social and tend to include collective problem-solving and participatory storytelling.

Two rounds of the Speculation ARG took place in 2012: one beginning on April 1 and a second on October 11. Both versions of the game yielded thousands of site visits and player posts. This transmedia game featured 8 narrative sci-fi episodes and 64 ludic challenges. These mini-games included:

  • stock trading simulations
  • live “brain training” sessions based on EEG interfaces
  • interactive meditations on microtemporal trading algorithms
  • matchmaking games about the naturalization of credit
  • text-based adventure games set in investment bank offices
  • an interactive mini-narrative distributed across Craigslist posts
  • swarms of cryptographic puzzles from Caesar shifts to Vigenère ciphers
  • double-encoded slow-scan television transmissions
  • a GPS hunt for dead-dropped USB drives in three different cities
  • a co-written epic poem fragment
  • a Facebook image challenge an extended brainstorm about alternatives to Wall Street “brain drain”
  • collaborative speculations about the future of finance
  • encoded narrative documents
  • a two hour climactic chat with the game’s protagonist, and more.


N. Katherine Hayles
Professor of Literature
Director of Graduate Studies of Literature
Co-Director, GreaterThanGames
Patrick Jagoda
Ph.D. Candidate, English
Patrick LeMieux
PhD Candidate, Art, Art History & Visual Studies


GreaterThanGames Lab
2011 to 2013