Sound Studies

Sound Studies
2012 to 2013
Emerging Networks

John Supko, Hunt Family Assistant Professor of Music, provided the impetus for the Sound Studies Project. He sees the two courses included, Audio Technology and Sound Studies Seminar, as a laboratory in which to test what they believe will be considerable undergraduate student interest in this burgeoning field. "There is an enormous amount of interest in music students can make because they have access to affordable equipment. Sound Studies will take their work to a higher level—more professional and polished," he explained. "The students will also be learning to discern what sounds better as well as developing the skills to improve the quality of their music."

Humanities Writ Large funding is allowing not only for the participation of a professional recording engineer in the classroom instruction, but also for time for the students to work in the professional recording studio in downtown Durham.


John Supko
Hunt Family Assistant Professor of Music