Project Vox

Project Vox

Project Vox, an HWL Emerging Network, was created to address the poor representation of women both among university philosophy faculty and within the philosophy canon. An important result was a website that “seeks to recover the lost voices of women who have been ignored in standard narratives of the history of modern philosophy.”

From Mary Astell, Lady Masham, Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway in England to Émilie Du Châtelet in France, many women played significant roles in the development of modern philosophy, but their contributions have often gone unnoticed. The website has three primary goals. First, it seeks to provide students at all levels with the materials they need to begin exploring the rich philosophical ideas of Astell, Cavendish, Conway, Du Châtelet and Masham. Second, it aims to provide teachers with the material they need to incorporate these figures into their courses. Third and finally, it aims to help transform our current conception of the canon. 

The site, intended as a substantial resource for college courses, includes a biography, chronology, guides to primary and secondary sources and correspondence, key quotes of contemporaries, and more. It was incorporated as a primary resource for History of Modern Philosophy (PHIL 201) at Duke. Sample syllabi are available on the website, as well.


Sara J Bernstein
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Adela Deanova
Graduate Student, Philosophy
Andrew Janiak
Creed C. Black Associate Professor of Philosophy