Networks of Knowledge: Pedagogy in the Service of Society

Networks of Knowledge: Pedagogy in the Service of Society
2012 to 2013
Emerging Networks

The History Department has recently re-structured its major to provide undergraduate students with a framework for connecting their studies with their broader social, ethical, and professional objectives.  The Department now seeks to link its curricular reforms to the educational visions of a broad array of departments and schools and to strengthen learning through writing.  They will organize eight workshops to take place over two semesters, one for each of the concentrations in the re-designed History major.   Each of the workshops will involve at least one faculty member from History, a representative from the Thompson Writing Program, an undergraduate student from the Program in Education, and students and faculty from other disciplines.

The targeted connections are as follows:

  • African Diaspora:  Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Romance Studies, Sociology
  • Business and Economic Cultures:  Fuqua School of Business, Economics
  • Emotions and the Psychology of the Self:  Psychology, Cultural Anthropology
  • Humanitarian Engagements and Social Movements:  Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Human Rights Center
  • Law and Governance:  Sanford School of Public Policy, Law School, Political Science
  • Military:  Triangle Institute for Security Studies, Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Science, Medicine, and Technology:  Global Health Institute, School of Medicine, Nicholas School of the Environment, Pratt School of Engineering
  • Women and Gender:  Women's Studies, Sexuality Studies


Kristen B. Neuschel
Director of the Thompson Writing Program
Associate Professor of History
Jocelyn Olcott
Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies


Humanities Writ Large word cloud
"Networks of Knowledge: Pedagogy in the Service of Society" Inaugural Workshop
-- Feb 16 2012