NC Jukebox

NC Jukebox
2015 to 2017
Undergraduate Research

This project is focused on transforming an inaccessible audio archive of historic North Carolina folk music into a vital, publicly accessible digital archive and museum exhibition. Nearly 97 years ago and into the 1930s, Frank C. Brown, a Duke scholar, began recording North Carolina folk music and archiving it for posterity. Most of those recordings are still housed on glass disks in Rubenstein Library, but we already have about 400 songs for which we have digitized audio and handwritten metadata with which we can work on the initial version of what we are calling the proof-of-concept NC Jukebox project.


Trudi Abel
Research Services Archivist, Rubenstein Library
Victoria Szabo
Associate Research Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
Co-Director, GreaterThanGames