Humanities Labs

Humanities Labs are multi-year programs designed around a theme and intended to drive change and innovation in our undergraduate humanities curriculum through new courses and student research opportunities. Like Emerging Networks, the Humanities Labs are intended to foster interdisciplinary research across humanities disciplines and the social and natural sciences, and to “vertically integrate” faculty, undergraduates and graduate students in shared research projects. A defining characteristic of a humanities lab is the team physically sharing a space and technology (digital, cartographic, etc.). This is intended to replicate the knowledge production environment we typically associate with the sciences.

The Labs


Cholera TimeMap
Haiti Lab, 2011-2013

The Haiti Lab cholera project was launched shortly after cholera appeared in Haiti in October of 2010. It resulted in a November 2011 article in the CDC journal Emerging Infectious Diseases and a ...Read More about Cholera TimeMap

Story Lab, 2015-2017

If you have a story bursting to be told, it’s time to gear up for National Novel Writing Month. If you are new to NaNoWriMo, the concept is simple. Writers from around the world pledge to write 50,000 words in the month of November...Read More about NaNoWriMo@Duke

Platforms & Passageways
BorderWork(s), 2011-2014

The research project Platforms and Passageways explores the informational walls that inhibit resettlement and reconstruction in the aftermath of war and disaster. It draws on research in post-conflict zones in Colombia to develop methods and tools for gathering, displaying, and sharing the...Read More about Platforms & Passageways

Pop Art in the Americas, 1965-1975

Brazilian art is emerging as a major player in top international museums, the art market, and histories of modern and contemporary art. This group will research these circuits, ask which Brazilian artists are featured and why, and pay close attention to the interplay between art and popular...Read More about Pop Art in the Americas

Sonic Dictionary
Audiovisualities, 2013-2015

The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course, multi-institution collaborative experiment initially hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab and then migrated into Story Lab. The project's goal is to build a digital database of sounds that can be accessed and searched freely as if it were a “dictionary.”...Read More about Sonic Dictionary


Speculation is a science fiction game directed by Katherine Hayles, Patrick Jagoda, and Patrick LeMieux that explores the greed-driven culture of Wall Street investment banks and the 2008 global economic collapse. Speculation belongs to the genre of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). ARGs are not...Read More about Speculation

Story Lab Fellows
Story Lab, 2015-2017

Story Lab Fellows are a group of ambitious, energetic student storytellers and scholars, both undergraduate and graduate, who are a key component of the lab's community. Appointed for one semester (potentially renewable), each fellow receives a stipend of $500, carrel space in the lab, and the...Read More about Story Lab Fellows