Environmental Arts & Humanities Network

Environmental Arts & Humanities Network
2016 to 2017
Emerging Networks

Environmental Humanities (EnHu) is a cross-disciplinary approach that brings skills, methods, and theories from several humanities disciplines to the analysis of problems and issues of high relevance for society in the context of new science and technology developments.

The central goal of the Environmental Humanities and Arts Network project is to develop an online and in-person network that connects Duke faculty, students (undergraduate and graduate), and researchers interested in interdisciplinary environmental humanities, environmental justice, environmental law, and the role of arts and culture in environmental studies and science. 

The online component—The Environmental Arts & Humanities Network website—will be an active meeting place where humanists can productively partner with earth and ocean scientists, geologists, biologists, climate scientists, energy modelers, environmental law professionals, public policy makers, sustainability experts, and environmental engineers to produce Environmental Humanities projects and programs.

The in-person network will convene a series of conversations, workshops, and working meetings that will allow students and faculty across the university to share resources and exchange ideas. In particular, it will give undergraduate and graduate students a chance to stitch together interdisciplinary work across schools and institutes, including Arts & Sciences, the Graduate School, Pratt, Sanford, Law, Nicholas School and Institute, etc.

A major focus of the network events will be to develop a series of courses taught by core and affiliated participants. The Spring 2016 course Environment in Literature, Law & Science (ENGLISH 490), co-taught by Priscilla Wald, Jedediah Purdy, Daniel Richter, and Saskia Cornes, will be a cornerstone of the project. Events during Spring 2016 include:

  • a networking retreat
  • the regional THATCamp Critical DH, which will explore the intersections of digital humanities, public digital communication, and environmental rhetoric
  • the Global Brazil Lab conference on Culture, Nature, and Politics
  • a public event entitled Narrating the Environment, that will celebrate the release of a series of white papers through Duke’s Humanities Futures website.

This preliminary stage of activity will allow participants to concretize partnerships with collaborating faculty, staff, and students. The project will be in full swing during the 2016-17 academic year, offering a diverse selection of courses and events. Planned courses include:

Fall 2016

  • Current Issues in Cultural Anthropology: Theorizing Environment — Christine Folch
  • Theories of Nature/Human (graduate seminar) — Priscilla Wald
  • Modeling Tools for Energy Systems — Dalia Patino

Spring 2017

  • Life Cycle Assessment and Social tools for Environmental Sustainability — Dalia Patino and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo
  • Community-Based Marine Conservation in the Gulf of California — Xavier Basurto

The courses will interlink with a series of events.  At the end of the two-semester project, in addition to the Environmental Arts & Humanities Network website, the effort will produce a series of reports on the state of the sub-field that will complement the white papers already posted on the Humanities Futures website. A two-day symposium will highlight the work done by students, faculty, and collaborating staff.

The symposium, reports, and website will lay the foundation for another round of courses in the following academic year.


Xavier Basurto
Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science
Christine Folch
Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Co-Director, Global Brazil Lab
Amanda Starling Gould
PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Literature
Dalia Patino-Echeverri
Gendell Assistant Professor of Energy Systems and Public Policy
Miguel Rojas-Sotelo
PhD, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Priscilla Wald
Professor of English and Women's Studies


2016 Duke Global Brazil Conference

-- Mar 4 2016 - 9:00am to 5:30pm
Invited guests include   Dr. Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman (USF) - The Color of Love in Bahia   Dr. John Collins (CUNY) - Race, Violence, and the State in Bahia   Dr. William Pan (Duke) - Environment and... Read More

Environmental - Art - Humanities: Narrating Nature

-- Apr 1 2016 - 9:00am to 5:30pm
​ A day-long conference offering a wide variety of perspectives on today's pressing environmental issues, featuring speakers from Duke and beyond. The sessions are: (1) Environmental Governance  (2)... Read More

Environmental - Art - Humanities: Narrating Nature

-- Mar 31 2016 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
On the Politics of Plants Discussion with (Mogaje Guihu) Abel Rodríguez, Indigenous botanist and Artist, leader of the Nonuya Nation (Colombian Amazon) and María Clara Van der Hammen, Anthropologist... Read More

THATCamp Eco-Critical DH 2016

-- Feb 27 2016 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
THATCamp Eco-Critical DH 2016 is a regional event, co-sponsored by the Duke Digital Humanities Initiative and UNC Libraries’ Research Hub, which will highlight the intersections of digital humanities... Read More