Duke Art, Law & Markets Initiative

Duke Art, Law & Markets Initiative
2012 to 2013
Emerging Networks

Growing out of an ongoing international conversation about art markets, the conveners designed a team project to study the driving factors for the premium paid for the more significant works of art by period, geographical area, and clusters of buyers.  The results of this research were assessed and published each semester in an e-journal.  In addition, they organized workshops that involve Duke undergraduate and graduate students with members of the international network exploring these issues.  Students were also involved in the research and development of a web-based Fantasy Collecting Network.

Partner institutions for this project include Universite Charles de Gaulle, Lille-3 in Lille, France, and Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.


Neil de Marchi
Professor of Economics
Katherine Jentleson
PhD Candidate in Art, Art History, & Visual Studies
Hans J. Van Miegroet
Professor of Art History and Visual Studies


CIT Showcase
CIT Showcase
-- Apr 23 2013

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