Duke University recognizes the need for citizens and leaders to be able to obtain knowledge, to analyze it, and to think and act collaboratively in innovative ways to address growing interdisciplinary and global challenges. The humanities are vital to providing the training and skills necessary to understand cultural similarities and differences, to sift through the daily fire hose of incoming information, and to make the imaginative leaps in research, scholarship, business, and policy to address the very many complex issues arising around us in our global world. Humanities Writ Large is a 5-year initiative that brings people together on projects to facilitate this new and innovative research and knowledge production.


pSearch - Humanities
Undergraduate Research
2013 - 2015
Perhaps the best way to get a jumpstart on your four years at Duke is to participate in a pre-orientation program. One of these, pSearch, is designed as an introduction to undergraduate research.  Professor Philip Stern...Read More about pSearch - Humanities
Art Biennials, Global Humanities, and Socially Engaged Education
Undergraduate Research
2015 - 2016
This HWL project expands the undergraduate research component of two major projects by Pedro Lasch, Associate Research Professor in Duke's Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies. The first is HOW TO KNOW: The...Read More about Public Art & Socially Engaged Education
Rights Connect
Emerging Networks
2013 - 2014
Human rights fires the imaginations of peoples around the world struggling for greater political, social and cultural space even as the phrase escapes a one-fits-all definition, with activists constantly reinterpreting and...Read More about Rights Connect
Rivalrous Masculinities
Emerging Networks
2012 - 2013
This project put together an international network of scholars and students based in German departments to provide the opportunity to build strength in linguistic fluency, cross-cultural literacy, and deep historical...Read More about Rivalrous Masculinities
Sonic Dictionary
The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course, multi-institution collaborative experiment initially hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab and then migrated into Story Lab. Its product is a digital database of sounds that can be...Read More about Sonic Dictionary
Sonic Dictionary
Humanities Lab
2013 - 2016
The Sonic Dictionary is a multi-course, multi-institution collaborative experiment initially hosted by the Audiovisualities Lab and then migrated into Story Lab. The project's goal is to build a digital database of sounds...Read More about Sonic Dictionary
Sound Studies
Emerging Networks
2012 - 2013
John Supko, Hunt Family Assistant Professor of Music, provided the impetus for the Sound Studies Project. He sees the two courses included, Audio Technology and Sound Studies Seminar, as a laboratory in which to test what...Read More about Sound Studies
Humanities Lab
2011 - 2013
Speculation is a science fiction game directed by Katherine Hayles, Patrick Jagoda, and Patrick LeMieux that explores the greed-driven culture of Wall Street investment banks and the 2008 global economic collapse....Read More about Speculation
Staging Cultural Networks in the Language Classroom
Emerging Networks
2011 - 2012
For Staging Cultural Networks in the Language Classroom, the entire group of Italian Language Lecturers and Lecturing Fellows will redesign the third semester of Italian toward a student-centered pedagogy based on...Read More about Staging Cultural Networks
Story Lab Fellows
Humanities Lab
2016 - 2017
Story Lab Fellows are a group of ambitious, energetic student storytellers and scholars, both undergraduate and graduate, who are a key component of the lab's community. Appointed for one semester (potentially renewable),...Read More about Story Lab Fellows