Duke University recognizes the need for citizens and leaders to be able to obtain knowledge, to analyze it, and to think and act collaboratively in innovative ways to address growing interdisciplinary and global challenges. The humanities are vital to providing the training and skills necessary to understand cultural similarities and differences, to sift through the daily fire hose of incoming information, and to make the imaginative leaps in research, scholarship, business, and policy to address the very many complex issues arising around us in our global world. Humanities Writ Large is a 5-year initiative that brings people together on projects to facilitate this new and innovative research and knowledge production.


Framing Identities in Motion
Emerging Networks
2014 - 2015
This project will connect Duke students who are heritage speakers with students in other colleges in the USA and in Mexico who have similar backgrounds (a heritage speaker speaks English and also speaks or at least...Read More about Framing Identities in Motion
From Harlem to Hamburg
Emerging Networks
2012 - 2014
This project investigates the cultural exchange between African American and German culture during the 20th century, from the Harlem Renaissance through the Civil Rights movement and beyond. Interdisciplinary as well as...Read More about From Harlem to Hamburg
Hi-Phi Nation
Hi-Phi Nation is the first sound and story-driven show about philosophy, weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design. The first season was produced out of Duke University on the...Read More about Hi-Phi Nation
Holocaust Education Mobile Application
Undergraduate Research
2015 - 2015
As the number of living Holocaust survivors shrinks, the urgency to document their life stories increases. In 2012, the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel found that one Holocaust survivor died every...Read More about Holocaust Education Mobile Application
The Housecleaner Project
Emerging Networks
2014 - 2016
Until the last decade or so, African-American and working-class white women cleaned the houses of the well-off in the American South. There has been a striking changeover in recent years. Thanks to the massive influx of...Read More about Housecleaner Project
Humanities on Demand
Emerging Networks
2012 - 2013
Most humanities faculty members unilaterally determine the themes, authors, books, blogs, and other materials to appear in an undergraduate level syllabus. Conversely, within most humanities classrooms, the same faculty...Read More about Humanities on Demand
Knowledge Maps
Emerging Networks
2011 - 2012
This project will develop "Civic Engagement Knowledge Maps" - a novel, university-wide resource conceptualized and designed by the Duke Center for Civic Engagement (DCCE) to identify, build, and strengthen links between...Read More about Knowledge Maps
Learning to Listen: Empathy in Literature and Medicine
Emerging Networks
2012 - 2013
Empathy, or the ability to understand and participate deeply in another person’s experience, is considered a critical skill for physicians, both for clinical competence and for patient (and physician) satisfaction.  Yet over...Read More about Learning to Listen
Lee D. Baker Scholars Program
Undergraduate Research
2015 - 2017
The Lee D. Baker Scholars Program offers a select group of outstanding Duke undergraduates the opportunity to extend and deepen their Writing 101 work in the form of an enhanced, intensively mentored research and writing...Read More about Lee D. Baker Scholars Program
Mapping Athens
Undergraduate Research, Visiting Faculty Fellow
2013 - 2014
Professor Sheila Dillon leads a project that seeks to produce a database and digital map of the archaeological remains of ancient Athens. This project is a collaborative multi-disciplinary endeavor based in the Wired! Lab,...Read More about Mapping Athens