Undergraduate Research

Humanities Writ Large aims to infuse the undergraduate experience with opportunities to conduct humanities research and thereby learn how humanities fields contribute valuable new knowledge through humanistic analysis, perspective and methods. This is a provocative challenge to the traditional paradigm that research needs to be restricted to faculty and graduate students experts, and also supports Duke’s broader goal of increasing undergraduate research in all fields. Our belief is that early exposure to humanistic research and analysis helps students become more thoughtful architects of their own education and more sophisticated consumers of the humanities throughout their lives.


Trudi Abel
Research Services Archivist, Rubenstein Library
2015 - 2017
Nicole Barnes
Assistant Professor of History
2014 - 2016
Caroline Bruzelius
Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art and Art History
2012 - 2013
Denise K. Comer
Assistant Professor of the Practice in Writing
Director of First-Year Writing, Thompson Writing Program
2015 - 2017
Sheila Dillon
Professor, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
2013 - 2014
William C. Donahue
Professor of Germanic Languages & Literature
2014 - 2015
Sara Galletti
Associate Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies
2012 - 2014
Valerie Gillispie
University Archivist
2016 - 2017
Robin Kirk
Faculty Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the DHRC@FHI
2013 - 2014
Elizabeth Langridge-Noti
Associate Professor, Department of History, Philosophy and the Ancient World
2013 - 2014
Pedro Lasch
Associate Research Professor, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
2015 - 2016
Laura Lieber
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
2015 - 2015
John J. Martin
Professor of History
2012 - 2014
Amy McDonald
Assistant University Archivist
2016 - 2017
Jocelyn Olcott
Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies
2016 - 2017
Erin Parish
Graduate Student, Cultural Anthropology
2013 - 2014
Charles D. Piot
Professor of Cultural Anthropology, African and African American Studies and Women's Studies
Bass Fellow
2011 - 2012
Bill Seaman
Professor of Art, Art History and Visual Studies
2014 - 2016
Joshua Sosin
Associate Professor of Classical Studies and History
2016 - 2017
Philip Stern
Associate Professor of History
Co-director, BorderWork(s) Lab
2013 - 2015
John Supko
Hunt Family Assistant Professor of Music
2014 - 2016
Victoria Szabo
Associate Research Professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies
Co-Director, GreaterThanGames
2015 - 2017
Carlo Tomasi
Professor of Computer Science
2012 - 2013