Library and Technology

A key premise of Humanities Writ Large is that librarians must be equal partners in our scholarly endeavors. In this area, the initiative has built on Duke University Libraries’ Beyond the Walls model, in which the librarians go to where the scholarship happens. Scholarship is enriched by the distinct set of questions and innovative approaches brought by librarians. The librarians, in turn, gain vital working information about the evolution of ideas and the integration of research within the creation of knowledge.

At the center of the library component is a new staff position, Humanities Academic Technology Consultant (ATC), a role filled ably since its inception by Will Shaw. The ATC serves as a pro-active member of the humanities labs and emerging networks and also trains and coordinates specialized Library Research Assistants. Together, the ATC and the Research Assistants bring proficiency in emerging technologies to support faculty and students for courses and related digital humanities projects that arise across all elements of the HWL initiative. The ATC also serves as a liaison to other librarians and technology support staff for just-in-time assistance to faculty seeking to implement new pedagogies and make use of web technology to extend the reach of their work beyond the Duke campus.


Roy Auh
Undergraduate majoring in Philosophy and Global Cultural Studies
Olivia Branscum
Undergraduate student of Philosophy and Studio Art
Liz Crisenbery
Graduate student in Music
Amanda Starling Gould
PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Literature
Jésus Hidalgo
Graduate student in Romance Studies
Katherine Jentleson
PhD Candidate in Art, Art History, & Visual Studies
Steffen Kaupp
Graduate Student, Carolina Duke Graduate Program in German Studies
Mary Caton Lingold
Graduate Student, Engish
Liz Milewicz
Head of Digital Scholarship Services, Duke University Libraries
Will Shaw
Digital Humanities Academic Technology Consultant, Perkins Library
Beatriz Wallace
Graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts program