Laurent Dubois

Laurent Dubois

PI, Humanities Writ Large

Professor of Romance Studies and History

Co-Director, Haiti Lab

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Humanities Lab, Steering Committee

Laurent Dubois is a specialist on the history and culture of the Atlantic world, with a focus on the Caribbean and particularly Haiti. He is the faculty director of the Forum for Scholars and Publics at Duke University, and writes for magazines including the New Republic, Sports Illustrated, and the New Yorker. His current research and writing focuses on the Afro-Atlantic history of the banjo; he has received a Mellon New Directions Fellowship, a National Humanities Fellowship, and a Guggenheim Fellowship to support this work and he has a book under contract with Harvard University Press on the topic.

Dubois's most recent book Haiti: The Aftershocks of History (Metropolitan Books, 2012) tells the history of the country from its founding revolution to the present day. In 2010 he published Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France, and he continues to write about soccer at his blog Soccer Politics. He has also recently co-edited, with Julius Scott, a reader entitled Origins of the Black Atlantic (2009) and, with Thomas Bender and Richard Rabinowitz, the catalogue for the exhibit Revolution!: The Atlantic World Reborn (2011), for which he was co-chair of the scholar's committee. He also co-edited, with Julia Gaffield and Michel Acacia, the "Documents constitutionnels d’Haïti 1790-1860 / Constitutional Documents of Haiti, 1790-1860" (Berlin and New York:  De Gruyter).

Dubois advises graduate students in both History and Romance Studies, working on a range of topics in Caribbean and French colonial and post-colonial studies.


"Humanities at Large" Visiting Faculty Fellows Conference March 23-24, 2017
Visiting Faculty Fellow


Haiti Lab


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