Lamonte Aidoo

Assistant Professor of Romance Studies

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Humanities Lab, Bridge Appointment
Years Funded: 2012 to 2015

Lamonte Aidoo received his PhD in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies from Brown University in 2012. He teaches courses on 19th-20th century Brazilian literature, Afro-Brazilian cultural studies, comparative Brazilian and inter-American racial formations, the confluence of sexuality and national identity. His research interests include slavery and abolition in the Americas, miscegenation, comparative trans-Atlantic studies (Anglophone, Francophone, Hispanic, Lusophone). He has written on the work of Aluísio Azevedo, Adolfo Caminha, Machado de Assis, Coneição Evaristo, Castro Alves, and Abdias de Nascimento, and is currently working on a book project which examines the dialectic between miscegenation, racial democracy, and slave emancipation in Brazil. He is co-editor of Lima Barreto: New Critical Perspectives (Lexington Books), the first collection of its kind to present a cohesive analysis of this writers’ work in English.  It considers a wide range of topics including Barreto’s treatment of race, family, class, sexuality, social and gender politics of post-abolition Brazil, neo-colonialism, the disjuncture between urban and suburban spaces, and national identity politics.

Lamonte's Duke faculty mentor is Professor Laurent Dubois.


First New Faculty Hired Through HWL
-- Sep 25 2012
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