Erin Parish

Graduate Student, Cultural Anthropology

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Humanities Lab, Undergraduate Research

Erin Parish is an anthropologist whose work focuses on the physicality of memory and the psychology of place, specifically in post-conflict reconstruction and the return of internally displaced people to their homes in Colombia. She has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and an MA in History from Duke University, an MPhil in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Studies from Trinity College Dublin, and a BA in International Relations from the University of Georgia.


Undergraduate Research, Humanities Lab




Social Stoplighting: Participatory Methods for Post-Conflict Reconstruction
-- Mar 15 2015
Social Stoplighting is a participatory planning method that combines community assessment workshops with digital geo-referenced maps. The goal is to create tools that facilitate participatory... Read More
Platforms and Passageways Maps Community Resources in Colombia
-- Mar 31 2014
The focus of the BorderWork(s) research project Platforms and Passageways is on how to coordinate the information that internally displaced Colombians need as they return to their home villages. One... Read More