Emerging Networks

Emerging Networks are a culture change mechanism intended to shift humanities research towards broadly collaborative, interdisciplinary engagements in contrast to the largely solitary efforts that tend to characterize traditional humanities research. Our goal is for nimble and opportunistic cross-disciplinary collaboration to become part of our ethos in realizing humanistic scholarly curiosity. Emerging Networks funding supports short term collaborative projects that must involve faculty, graduate students and undergraduates from multiple disciplines—across humanities departments and/or the social and natural sciences at Duke.


Jennifer Ahern-Dodson
Director of Outreach, Thompson Writing Program
TWP Director of Duke's Language, Arts, and Media Program (LAMP)
Mauricio Andrada
Carla M. Antonaccio
Professor of Archaeology
Jed Atkins
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Elizabeth Baltes
Ph.D. Candidate, Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Laura Banella
PhD Student in Italian Studies
Xavier Basurto
Assistant Professor of Sustainability Science
Mattia Begali
Lecturing Fellow
Torry Bend
Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theater Studies
Sara J Bernstein
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Molly Boarati
Academic Program Coordinator, Nasher Museum of Art
Rory Bradley
Graduate Student, Carolina-Duke Graduate Program in German Studies
Benedikt Bscher
undergraduate student, Economics
Douglas Campbell
Professor of New Testament
Leigh Campoamor
Teaching Fellow, International Comparative Studies Program
Cornelio Campos
Visual Artist
Mimmo Cangiano
Graduate Student Instructor
Laura Casa
William H. Chafe
Professor Emeritus
Della Chambless
Lecturing Fellow
Aria F. Chernik
Lecturing Fellow
Associate Director of First-Year Writing, Thompson Writing Program
Leo Ching
Associate Professor
Chair of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Denise K. Comer
Assistant Professor of the Practice in Writing
Director of First-Year Writing, Thompson Writing Program
Cavan Concannon
ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Religion and Classical Studies