Elizabeth Langridge-Noti

Elizabeth Langridge-Noti

Associate Professor, Department of History, Philosophy and the Ancient World

-- DEREE, The American College of Greece
HWL Affiliation: Undergraduate Research, Visiting Faculty Fellow
Year Visiting: 2013 to 2014

Professor Langridge-Noti will be working with Professor Sheila Dillon in the Wired! Initiative on several projects that revolve around the idea of rich interpretations for individual objects as they move through space and time: how multiple audiences view individual objects, and how an object interacts with its physical context across both time and space.

One project will involve Professor Dillon’s work on “Death and the Art of Sculpture in Athens.”  In particular, Professor Langridge-Noti will focus on how to incorporate undergraduate students in the work of enhancing the data collection and manipulation necessary for the First Cemetery of Athens portion of the project.  The two are already exploring a diachronic digital mapping and reconstruction of the First Cemetery that focuses on the interaction of the built environment with visitors to the cemetery and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Professors Langridge-Noti and Dillon are planning to design two related courses that they would teach simultaneously at Duke and DEREE, The American College at Greece, linking up the student groups at various points during the semester using video-conferencing.  They will experiment as well with new ways of working out and implementing experiential pedagogy that will connect students in Greece with their counterparts in the United States.  They are hoping to implement a summer session study abroad experience for undergraduates in Athens that interweaves work accomplished on the First Cemetery with contextualizing on-site exploration of Athens.

“This project and its associated courses are conceptualized as a multi-year endeavor that would provide a vertically integrated research experience for Duke students,” says Professor Dillon.  “Professor Langridge-Noti’s presence at Duke will allow us to develop a thoughtful plan for international collaboration, and put into practice a research and teaching agenda that will greatly enrich the humanities at Duke.”

In addition to the development of these richly experiential courses that benefit students both at Duke and at DEREE, The American College of Greece, Professor Langridge-Noti also projects the completion of a manuscript that explores the creation, use, and interpretation of visual formulaic vocabulary on Athenian figured pottery that can be submitted to the Wisconsin Series in Classics for publication consideration.

Professor Langridge-Noti earned a BA in Classical Languages at the University of California, Berkeley, and both the MA and PhD in Classical Archaeology at Princeton University.


Mapping Athens
Undergraduate Research, Visiting Faculty Fellow
"Humanities at Large" Visiting Faculty Fellows Conference March 23-24, 2017
Visiting Faculty Fellow


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