Bridge Appointments

The Humanities Writ Large grant provides resources to jump-start new hiring of teacher-scholars who embrace and champion our undergraduate-focused approach to humanities education and research. Such hires enable departments and programs to shift towards a new vision by bringing in skill sets and perspectives that augment our core. This resource enables Duke to infuse new forms of interdisciplinarity into our faculty, and expand our breadth and depth for teaching digital tools and visual studies in the humanities.

Each faculty member hired through this funding source is assigned a faculty partner whose work is in a related area, generally outside their home department, to facilitate their engagement with the broader Duke community.


Lamonte Aidoo
Assistant Professor of Romance Studies
2012 - 2015
Nicole Barnes
Assistant Professor of History
2014 - 2016
Juliana Barr
Associate Professor of History
2015 - 2017
Christine Folch
Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Co-Director, Global Brazil Lab
2015 - 2016
Alicia Jiménez
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
2014 - 2017
Bradley Rogers
Assistant Professor of Theater Studies
2013 - 2016
Nicholas Stoia
Assistant Professor of Music
2015 - 2017
Elvira Vilches
Associate Research Professor of Romance Studies
2015 - 2017