Duke University recognizes the need for citizens and leaders to be able to obtain knowledge, to analyze it, and to think and act collaboratively in innovative ways to address growing interdisciplinary and global challenges. The humanities are vital to providing the training and skills necessary to understand cultural similarities and differences, to sift through the daily fire hose of incoming information, and to make the imaginative leaps in research, scholarship, business, and policy to address the very many complex issues arising around us in our global world. Humanities Writ Large is a 5-year initiative that bring people together on projects to facilitate this new and innovative research and knowledge production.


Miguel Rojas-Sotelo
PhD, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
-- Duke University
Kimerly Rorschach
Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director of the Nasher Museum of Art
-- Duke University
Gabriel Rosenberg
Assistant Professor in Women's Studies
-- Duke University
Diana Ruiz
Undergraduate Women's Studies Major
AMI certificate in filmmaking
Mellon-Mays Undergraduate Fellow
-- Duke University
Philip Rupprecht
Associate Professor of Music
Director of Graduate Studies of Music
-- Duke University
Michael P. Ryan
ACLS New Faculty Fellow, German Studies and the Program in Literature
-- Duke University
C. Pierce Salguero
Associate Professor of Asian History
-- The Abington College of the Pennsylvania State University
Anne-Gaëlle Saliot
Assistant Professor of Romance Studies
-- Duke University
Norman Sandridge
Associate Professor of Classics
-- Howard University
Ralph James Savarese
Professor of English
-- Grinnell College
Andrea Scapolo
Lecturing Fellow
-- Duke University
Alex Schulman
ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Political Science
-- Duke University
Bill Seaman
Professor of Art, Art History and Visual Studies
-- Duke University
Sara Seten Berghausen
Librarian for Literature & Theater Studies
Associate Curator of Collections, Rubenstein Library
-- Duke University
Purnima Shah
Associate Professor of the Practice of Dance
-- Duke University
Suzanne Shanahan
Associate Research Professor of Sociology
-- Duke University
Will Shaw
Digital Humanities Academic Technology Consultant, Perkins Library
-- Duke University
Timothy Shea
PhD Student in Classical Studies
-- Duke University
Sonia Silvestri
Visiting Professor, Earth and Ocean Sciences, Nicholas School of the Environment
-- Duke University
Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
Chauncey Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics in Philosophy
-- Duke University
Jenny Snead Williams
Executive Director Latino/a Studies, Center for Latin American Caribbean Studies
-- Duke University
Joshua Sosin
Associate Professor of Classical Studies and History
-- Duke University
Madison Spahn
Senior, Biology / Music Double Major
-- Duke University
Emily Sposeto
Lecturing Fellow
-- Duke University