Duke University recognizes the need for citizens and leaders to be able to obtain knowledge, to analyze it, and to think and act collaboratively in innovative ways to address growing interdisciplinary and global challenges. The humanities are vital to providing the training and skills necessary to understand cultural similarities and differences, to sift through the daily fire hose of incoming information, and to make the imaginative leaps in research, scholarship, business, and policy to address the very many complex issues arising around us in our global world. Humanities Writ Large is a 5-year initiative that bring people together on projects to facilitate this new and innovative research and knowledge production.


Caroline Bruzelius
Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art and Art History
-- Duke University
Benedikt Bscher
undergraduate student, Economics
-- Duke University
Peter Burian
Dean of the Humanities, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Classical & Comparative Literatures, and Theater Studies
-- Duke University
Douglas Campbell
Professor of New Testament
-- Duke University
Leigh Campoamor
Teaching Fellow, International Comparative Studies Program
-- Duke University
Cornelio Campos
Visual Artist
-- Durham
Mimmo Cangiano
Graduate Student Instructor
-- Duke University
Amani Carson
Undergraduate student
-- Duke University
J. Kameron Carter
Associate Professor in Theology and Black Church Studies, Divinity School
-- Duke University
Laura Casa
-- Duke University
William H. Chafe
Professor Emeritus
-- Duke University
Tess Chakkalakal
Associate Professor of Africana Studies and English
-- Bowdoin College
Della Chambless
Lecturing Fellow
-- Duke University
Yuran Chen
Undergraduate student
-- Duke University
Max Gabriel Cherem
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
-- Kalamazoo College
Aria F. Chernik
Lecturing Fellow
Associate Director of First-Year Writing, Thompson Writing Program
-- Duke University
Leo Ching
Associate Professor
Chair of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
-- Duke University
Eileen Chow
Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Co-Director, Story Lab
-- Duke University
Jason Cohen
Associate Professor of English
-- Berea College
Denise K. Comer
Assistant Professor of the Practice in Writing
Director of First-Year Writing, Thompson Writing Program
-- Duke University
Cavan Concannon
ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Religion and Classical Studies
-- Duke University
Matthew A. Cook
Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies
-- North Carolina Central University
miriam cooke
Braxton Craven Professor of Arab Cultures
-- Duke University
Courtland Cox
SNCC Veteran
President, SNCC Legacy Project
-- SNCC Legacy Project