Gallery Talk in Art of the Americas: Mesoamerica

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Humanities Writ Large

Romance Studies professor Elvira Vilches will present a Gallery Talk in Art of the Americas: Mesoamerica at the Nasher Museum on Thursday, November 12. The hour-long talk starts at 6pm and will be followed by a chocolate tasting.

The event is part of The New Galleries: A Collection Come to Light, an exhibition that highlights the reinstallation of the Nasher's permanent collection on the occasion of the museum's 10th anniversary. The space is now divided into eight distinct galleries organized by regional and historical theme. Art of the Americas, the area Vilches will discuss, is dedicated to ceramics, metalwork, and textiles from Mesoamerica.

Vilches joined the Duke faculty this year as Associate Research Professor of Romance Studies. Her work focuses on the literary and intellectual traditions of early modern Spain and Colonial Latin America, drawing on literary history, cultural and social theory, and economics, as well as the history of ideas and economic thought. Her current book project is Doing Business: Commerce and Mercantile Culture in Early Modern Spain.

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Associate Research Professor of Romance Studies