Mapping Multiculturalism: American Diversity and the New Multi-Ethnic Germany

2014 to 2015
Undergraduate Research

The German Department provided support for undergraduates to undertake 3 - 6 week research projects in Berlin seeking to answer specific questions in the following fields:

  • What is the relationship between American and German models of integration and inclusion - historically or at present?
  • How do social advocacy and activism build more diverse, inclusive communities?
  • How are debates on or theories of national identity and diversity reflected in the arts?

Applicants were paired with a Duke faculty mentor and an expert in the appropriate field in Berlin.  The experts available included:

  • Members of Parliament
  • Leaders of social advocacy groups
  • Museum curators, theater directors, and art historians
  • Archival research experts


Professor of Germanic Languages & Literature


Immigration and Integration in German Museums
-- Nov 14 2014

I researched how German museums present immigration and integration and how this impacts public understanding.  I visited around thirty museums and memorials and interviewed museum curators, whose... Read More

Sex Work Discourse in Germany: Historicizing the Legalization Debate
-- Sep 12 2014

This past summer I worked on my research project examining discourses on sex work in Germany. Enacted by the German Bundestag in 2002, the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes was... Read More

Afro-Germans: Bridging the Gap Between 29 Years
-- Nov 12 2014

What exactly does it mean to map multiculturalism? Perhaps even more difficult is, what exactly we mean when we say multiculturalism? When I decided to apply for the Mapping Multiculturalism grant... Read More