The Shifting Nature of Academic Work in the Digital Age

Friday, March 14, 2014
Humanities Writ Large

On April 16-17, Writing in a Digital Age, a Humanities Writ Large Emerging Network, will present a series of conversations and workshops focused on Composing Knowledge in the Digital Age. At the first event, on Wednesday, April 16, two visiting scholars will speak to the changing nature of academic writing. Jesse Stommel will address to the eroding distinction between academic writing and public outreach. Pete Rorabaugh will draw on his classroom experience with collaborative writing projects to illuminate the practice of Organic Writing. The event is also the opening address for Critical Ink, the annual writing conference for Duke's first-year students sponsored by the Thompson Writing Program. A roundtable discussion of Hybrid Pedagogy will follow at Noon.

The next day there will be a roundtable discussion of digital literacies and a Writing 101 class visit.

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