Alicia Jiménez

Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Bridge Appointment
Years Funded: 2014 to 2017

Alicia Jiménez's research engages with archaeological theory and Roman visual and material culture, specifically in the western and central Mediterranean in the period 218 BCE-200 CE. In particular, she focuses on the study of Roman expansion in the western Mediterranean, Roman colonialism, and cultural change and monetization in Hispania, with a special emphasis in funerary, urban and military contexts.

She is setting up a new fieldwork project in Renieblas (Soria, Spain), examining a series of Roman camps from the 2nd-1st c. BCE.  This excavation will represent the the first archaeological study of the development of the camps and the daily lives of the soldiers.  The international team she is working with includes archaeologists from York University, the University of Munich, and Geozone.  They have conducted a geophysical survey using Electromagnetic (EM) and Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) in advance of site excavation.

Alicia's Duke faculty mentor is Professor Caroline Bruzelius.