Kimberly Stern

Assistant Professor of English and Modern Languages

-- Longwood University
HWL Affiliation: Visiting Faculty Fellow
Year Visiting: 2014 to 2015

Professor Stern will be based in Theater Studies.  She is currently at work on a book entitled Lessons of the Aesthete: Liberal Education and the Pedagogical Style of Oscar Wilde. Since one of her central claims is that Wilde advocates a sort of "learning by doing," she seeks to learn to think as Wilde did—as a dramatist. She also hopes to develop a multimodal and interactive learning resource that could serve as a hub for students and scholars researching the work of Oscar Wilde.  Unlike existing online resources, this project would focus exclusively on the work of Wilde, compiling annotated electronic texts, as well as other relevant primary and secondary source material on his life, work, contemporaries, context, and cultural significance.


An Informal Staging of Oscar Wilde's Salome
-- Oct 23 2014
On October 8, Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow Kimberly Stern and Jay O'Berski, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theater Studies presented Oscar Wilde's controversial play Salome.... Read More