Edna Andrews

Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor of Slavic and Eurasian Studies

Director, Duke Center for Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Steering Committee

Edna Andrews received her PhD from Indiana University and holds an honorary doctorate from St. Petersburg State University (Russia). Her books include Markedness theory: The union of asymmetry and semiosis in language (1990), About Sintetizm, Mathematics and Other Things: E.I. Zamiatin's novel WE (1994, in Russian), The Semantics of Suffixation (1996), Conversations with Lotman: Cultural semiotics in language, literature and cognition (2003), A Calculus of Meaning: Studies in Markedness, Distinctive Features and Deixis (1996, edited volume). Recent articles include "H.M's Language Skills: Clues about Language and the Medial Temporal Lobe" (2005), "Semiospheric transitions: A key to modelling translation" (2009), "Language and Brain: Recasting Meaning in the Definition of Human Language" (2011). Her current research includes an extensive MRI study of multilinguals and a book-length project on neuroscience modeling of multilingualism.