Liliana Paredes

Professor of the Practice of Romance Studies

-- Duke University
HWL Affiliation: Emerging Network

Paredes' areas of interest include sociolinguistics, minority languages and bilingualism, linguistic human rights, Amerindian languages, and interculturalism. She has extensive experience working with the local Latino community. Her publications include The Use of the Past Tense in the Narratives of Bilingual Children: The Acquisition of Aspectual Distinctions, Spanish in the U.S; "The Proficiency Continuum in Quechua-Spanish Bilingual Speakers,” Journal of Southwestern Linguistics, 2001; "Language Contact and Change: Direct Object Leísmo in Andean-Spanish," with Maria Luz Valdez, Cascadilla Proceedings Project, Winter, 2008; and "Todos tienen un acento menos yo," Ed. Maria Montes de Oca y Luis Navarro, Nuevas Inquisiciones, 2011.

Paredes has Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Southern California.


Emerging Networks
Emerging Networks


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