2013 to 2015

The Audiovisualities Lab explores the connections between image and sound, in practice and in theory.

Through projectsclasses, workshops, and other programs, the Lab aims to provide a structure for encouraging teaching and research in the booming field of sound studies, complementing and challenging the existing primacy of visual studies. By situating sound studies and visual studies together, this Humanities Lab engages with film theories and moving image practices, musicology and ethnomusicology, media studies, literature, philosophy and history, cultural anthropology, as well as cognitive psychology and neuroscience, ecology and environmental studies—to name just a few. The Lab’s ambition is to lay the grounds for future studies and practices that understand image and sound together as two major sensoria whose interconnected and sometimes contentious relationships shed new light on human experience.



Guo-Juin Hong
Jacqueline Waeber

Affiliated Faculty

John Supko

Graduate Affiliate

Darren Mueller
Mary Caton Lingold



Documenting the South Through Sound
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Duke Today has featured Sounds of the South (ENG90S.04), a course affiliated with the Audiovisualities Lab.   Mary Caton Lingold, the instructor for... Read More