Undergraduate Students Needed to Play a New Game

Undergraduate Students Needed to Play a New Game
Thursday, September 6, 2012
Humanities Writ Large

Adeline Koh, a Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow, is currently designing Trading Races with GreaterThanGames lab. Trading Races is an elaborate historical role-playing game designed to teach race consciousness in an undergraduate course. The game is set at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus in April 2003, two months before the Supreme Court landmark decisions on affirmative action. Players take on the roles of multi-ethnic and multi-national members of an imaginary Michigan Student Assembly, and present speeches on race related issues based upon their characters’ social and political orientation in gameplay. By asking players to assume the ideological worldview of people different from themselves, the game encourages players to “trade races” intellectually and emotionally. An electronic simulation of this paper-based game is also being planned. Koh is currently looking for volunteers to help playtest the game starting October 2012. To find out more, visit her Trading Races website.

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Adeline Koh
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