Undergraduate Research: Music 2011/12

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Humanities Writ Large

Martin Connor created his impressive and ambitious Senior Distinction Project, “Haitian Requiem,” as a musical expression of tribute and remembrance for the victims, heroes, and lost souls of the Haitian Tragedy of 2010.

Mr. Connor created a musical score of dazzling beauty and craftsmanship, incorporating Latin and Creole with the unique orchestration of brass quintet, voices, percussion, and Chapel carillon.

Braxton Shelley's senior distinction project combined a superb paper entitled All Things To All Men: Richard Smallwood's Gospel Music and a portfolio, entitled Songs of a Survivor, of five original gospel songs of his own composition.

Mr. Shelley's paper, which looks at the cultural context, biography, compositional trajectory, and analytical elements of Richard Smallwood's gospel music output, is a landmark of research in gospel music that contributes significantly to that field of study.

Songs of a Survivor was executed with great artistic flair and musical professionalism.