Undergraduate Research: History 2012/13

Undergraduate Research: History 2012/13
Monday, July 8, 2013
Humanities Writ Large

In the academic year 2012-13, Duke's History Department received funding to support research leading to Graduation with Distinction.

The following students received support for their distinction projects.

  • Elizabeth Blackwood: "Peace by Piece: Conflicted Museum Work in Northern Ireland”
  • Lauren Jackson: “Politics, War, and Justice: Perceptions of National Identity in the Trials of Admiral Byng and the Comte de Lally”
  • Zsofia Solta: “Survival or Regeneration: Urban Planning in Moscow and Berlin.” Solta also received funding to conduct preliminary research in Moscow, where she explored the relationship between urban environments, architecture and preservation, state ideologies, and emerging markets.
  • Sarah Soltis: “Noblewoman, Mistress, Duchess: A Microhistory of the Powerful and Infamous Bianca Cappello”
  • Elizabeth Tobierre: "From New Haven to Harlem: Interracial Politics and the Emergence of Black Power in the Northern Student Movement, 1961-1968"
  • Mary Tung: "From Pounds and Pence to Rands and Cents: 20th century South African Coinage and the Creation of White South Africa"
  • Ian Zhang: “The Upheavals of Modern China through the Unpublished Diaries of a Shanghai Woman”

One student received support for preliminary research.


  • Paige Morschauer began work on a project, “Where Few Have Gone: Capturing the Voices of Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan,” that will draw on oral histories given by veterans in and around Fort Bragg, North Carolina.