Undergraduate Research: Cultural Anthropology 2011/2012

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Humanities Writ Large

The Department of Cultural Anthropology was awarded funding for both summer mentoring and a year-long thesis writers workshop. Seven students completed projects that resulted in Graduation with Distinction.

One of the graduate student mentors, Netta van Vliet, has written a report on the summer mentoring process and its outcomes. Among them are:

Lillie Carroll: her summer internship in New York and summer reading helped her narrow and focus her interests in preparation for writing her senior thesis, “Three’s a Crowd: Exploring Power Dynamics Between Male Patrons, Female Patrons, and Female Strippers at a Diamond Dolls Men’s Club.”
Kimberly Goffe: her summer work preparing her IRB proposal and reviewing a wide array of literature and internet discourses on her interests in violence in Jamaica helped position her to write her senior thesis titled: “What Happen Inna Dark Must Come to Light: Mobile Video Technology and Police Brutality in Jamaica.”
Alison Kibbe: her internship and research in Nablus over the summer using photography to document NGO work and the everyday of peoples’ lives, as well as the work she did preparing an annotated bibliography, formed the basis of her senior thesis “Contreras Images of Daily Life in Nablus: Interpreting Alternative Photographs of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”
Andrea Patino: her work in Brazil about self esteem, body image, and cultural identity in Afro-Brazilian Samba dancers, which she compared with her research on women in Capoeira, formed the basis of her thesis “Mandando a Roda, Mandando o Mundo: Afro-Brazilian Women Embodying and Transforming Tradition and Society through Samba and Capoeira.”