Two Way Bridges Documents the Undocumented

Two Way Bridges Documents the Undocumented
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Humanities Writ Large

This year's NC Latin American Film Festival featured two documentary films produced by the Two Way Bridges project. The project brought numerous Duke programs and departments into partnership with local organizations in the Latino community. It sought "to offer means for the Latino community to have greater access to the university and to have Duke students engage the community both in the community and at Duke."

Arts Connections: Two Way Bridges, a film by Mauricio Andrada, documents the connections made between students at Duke and Latino high school students who are the children of undocumented immigrants, lost in legal and political limbo. Border Crossing 101, by Charlie Thompson, focuses on a class he led, The U.S./Mexico Border, which "explore[d] the meaning of borders, immigration, and access to education in America." The screenings, in Durham's Carolina Theater, were followed by a public discussion with project participants.

Another Two Way Bridges product, a collection of 12 short video portraits, is featured in an exhibition at the Durham Arts Council.

During the fall 2013 students in the Two Way Bridges Project worked closely with members of the group Jóvenes Lideres en Acción at El Centro Hispanico to create stories of educational dreams within our community. Some were made by several students working together. Some of them were made by those from the Durham community, some from Duke, and others by guest Latino students working on their own. All done collaboratively in one sense or another. All of them are united by the theme of dreams.

The videos will be on view from September 28 to October 4 in Meeting Room 1 of the Durham Art Council, which is located at 120 Morris Street in Durham.