Two-Way Bridges Culminating Events

Two-Way Bridges Culminating Events
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Humanities Writ Large

Don't miss these upcoming opportunities to learn about the work of the Two-Way Bridges | Puentes de Doble Vía project.

  • Wednesday, December 4, noon, John Hope Franklin Center, Erwin Road at Trent Drive
  • Thursday, December 5, 6 p.m., Fredric Jameson Gallery, Friedl Building, East Campus

Come witness how this team has worked at Connecting Duke, Durham and the Americas/Conectando Duke, Durham y Las Américas

Borders and border walls separate us; different language and culture can divide us. In contrast, bridges connect, traverse, join, and provide means for traveling to new places and meeting new people. Bridges are about crossing boundaries, barriers, and borders.

Building two-way bridges is the central goal of this project.

Two-way bridges provide a way for people to travel in either direction, from either starting point. Two-way bridges are about interchange and multidirectional travel.

Two-way bridges provide possibilities for new encounters, contacts, multilingual, and trans-disciplinary conversations, creating new opportunities for all involved.

We have built bridges by having students from Duke and the broader Durham Latino community in the same classrooms involving three different courses and programs: Latin American Studies, Romance Languages, and the Center for Documentary Studies.

We have worked together as Duke faculty and artists from the community on the same team. Our coursework has involved all the participants in the planning as well as the implementation of ideas that have arisen from interactions between all. The artwork and learning that has resulted have also been multi-directional and trans-disciplinary.

Together we have forged new means of communicating stories through collaborations. The murals, videos, and photographs in this exhibit have been produced by Duke students, guest students, members or the community, and the Two Way Bridges team.

We have planned together.

We have painted murals together.

We have visited new places we had not known about.

We have studied and learned together and from each other.

We have acted together and produced photos, videos, and research collaboratively.

We have met new people and become friends.

Once a divide has been crossed, one can never go back and be the same.