Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?

Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?
Thursday, April 11, 2013
Humanities Writ Large

"Humanitarianism in Haiti: Vision and Practice," is underway. The first panel addressed the lack of transparency about the use of both taxpayer and donor dollars, and the lack of lasting accomplishments, since the January 2012 earthquake. Read about it in Duke Today.

What's known: Governments and private donors pledged massive amounts of money to Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake that devastated parts of the island nation.

What's not known: What the heck happened to that money.

That was the crux of a conversation Thursday morning in Duke's Haiti Lab, the first of a series of conference sessions exploring the Haitian reconstruction effort following the massive earthquake.

The conference, "Humanitarianism in Haiti: Vision and Practice," brings together more than a dozen Haiti experts from government, journalism, public health, development and other fields. It continues Friday.

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