The Haiti Lab: We Had the Idea and We Did It

The Haiti Lab:  We Had the Idea and We Did It
Friday, February 15, 2013
Humanities Writ Large

Professor Laurent Dubois, one of the co-directors of the Haiti Lab, was interviewed for Faith & Leadership, an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. He described how the Haiti Lab came to be and the importance of having freedom to experiment, paired with resources to support that experimentation.

One of the foci of the Haiti Lab was to consider, as he explained, "what are we training undergraduates to do, exactly? Since most undergraduates are not going to go into academia, we want to impart to them skills that could be used and applied to lots of different areas. A collaborative research context really helps in identifying the problem, figuring out what resources you need to resolve it and connecting it to other things out there."

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Laurent Dubois
PI, Humanities Writ Large, Professor of Romance Studies and History, Co-Director, Haiti Lab

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