Future Salary Doesn't Have to Be Your Major

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Humanities Writ Large

"If salary is important to you, make that your goal. But it doesn't have to be your major."  This advice is from Elizabeth Djinis, a rising senior at Duke, who penned a column in the Tampa Bay Times, where she is interning this summer.  She wrote in defense of humanities majors, even at publicly funded universities. This in the wake of a vote by the University of North Carolina System Board of Governors to discontinue or consolidate 56 degree programs that "fell below established productivity standards."

"Like any good humanities student, I'm interested in people and the way they operate. I'm interested in the past and how it affects the future. I'm interested in language and literature and the meaning of life.

"But when it comes time to make a decision about which departments to boot, the state doesn't care about my interests. It cares about how much money I'm going to make."

She explains that the life skills one gains as a student in the humanities are transferrable to a range of professions, including many that can be highly lucrative. 

Read the whole column here.