Duke Humanities Lab is Helping to Spread a Financial Crisis...

Monday, November 19, 2012
Humanities Writ Large

...in virtual reality. Speculat1on, an alternate reality game developed last year in the GreaterThanGames Lab, is being taught in undergraduate courses at Vassar and the University of Chicago. From the Franklin Humanities Institute blog:

"Speculation combines game play with narratives of a near-future world, codes and ciphers with deep information about the origins of money, credit, and finance. Led by Kate Hayles, Patrick Jagoda, and Patrick Lemieux, a collective of GTG faculty/students/friends worked tirelessly last year to design and implement the game - often re-designing and re-implementing on the fly as they matched wits with the crytographically savvy game players."

"Stephanie Boluk, a key member of the Speculation team, is teaching at Vassar this academic year and has made the game a part of her 'Digital Arts/E-poetries' class."

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