Conflict Modeling and Games Seminar Series

Monday, August 29, 2016
Humanities Writ Large

The aim of the year-long interdisciplinary seminar series Conflict Modeling and Games is two-fold: first, to examine how various fields in the humanities and beyond have conceptualized conflicts and their possible resolutions; and second, to play and analyze various applied games that simulate conflict situations. This fall the series will host three guest speakers from various fields in the humanities and game design for evenings of game demonstration, play, and discussion.

  • Thursday, Sep. 22, 6-9pm: Introduction and general meeting.
  • Thursday, Oct. 20 6-9pm: Rex Brynen, McGill U. Conflict, peace building and development simulation.
  • Thursday, Oct. 27 6-9pm: Anja van der Hulst, TNO and U of Amsterdam. Serious game designer.
  • Thursday, Dec. 1 6-9pm: Nicholas Pilarski, Award-winning filmmaker. VR documentary, inner city conflict.

The series is organized by Leo Ching, Shai Ginsburg and Nayoung Aimee Kwon from Duke's Asian & Middle Eastern Studies program. If you are interested in being a regular and active participant, please email Leo Ching.

(photo by See-ming Lee, Flickr)


Referenced People

Associate Professor, Chair of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Israeli Cultural Studies
Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor of Korean and Japanese Cultural Studies