Athenian Democracy and Us

Friday, August 15, 2014
Humanities Writ Large

What light can Athenian democracy, as conceived and practiced 2500 years ago, shed on our own? During the 2014-15 academic year, two interrelated courses answer this question: Athenian Law (Fall) and Democracy: Ancient and Modern (Spring). The following special sessions featuring guest speakers or student leaders are open to the Duke Community:

Democracy: Ancient and Modern (Spring 2015, T/Th, 1:25-2:40; 103 Gross Hall)

Open Seminars are led by students and are open to the Duke community. Sessions will be held from 1:25-2:40 on the dates indicated at four locations: 103 Allen, 318 Allen, 326 Allen, 103 Gross Hall.

  • 2/5: Melissa Schwartzberg (Political Science Professor, NYU), “Equality and Knowledge in Athenian Democracy.”
  • 3/17: Charles Hill (Diplomat in Residence and Lecturer in International Studies, Yale), “From Democracy in America to American Democracy in the World.”
  • 3/26: "Democracy and Imperialism"; Open Seminar
  • 4/2: "Democracy and the Tyranny of the Majority"; Open Seminar
  • 4/7: Ryan Balot (Political Science Professor, Toronto), “The Platonic Critique of Democratic Tyranny”.
  • 4/9: "Democracy and Religion"; Open Seminar
  • 4/16: "Democratic Corruption and Hope"; Open seminar
  • 4/21: Jon Favreau (President Obama's former Chief Speech Writer). Note: this session is open only to students enrolled in the class. Favreau will be holding a public lecture "Words Matter" at 5:30 pm in Fleishman Commons followed by a reception in the second floor lobby of Sanford).

Please note the following related events in which speakers will be participating:

  • 2/5: Melissa Schwartzberg, Political Theory Workshop, 4 PM, 270 Gross Hall
  • 3/16: Charles Hill, KIE Monday Seminar Series, 12-1:30 in 101 West Duke Building
  • 4/6: Ryan Balot, KIE Monday Seminar Series, 12-1:30 in 101 West Duke Building

For more on the course, see Schedule and topics subject to change.

Athenian Law (Fall 2014, W/F 1:25-2:40)

  • 10/29: "Damages, Property, Property Damages"; Open Seminar; Location: Perkins 217
  • 11/5: "Duties"; Open Seminar; Location: Perkins 217
  • 11/12: "Inscriptions"; Open Seminar; Location: Perkins 217
  • 11/14: "Freedom"; W.R. Connor (Teagle Foundation); Location: Physics 047
  • 11/19: "Social Norms"; Adriaan Lanni (Harvard Law); Location: Perkins 217