7,000 Students, 900 Hours, 29 Lecturers, 1 MOOC

7,000 Students, 900 Hours, 29 Lecturers, 1 MOOC
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Duke Today

For the last half of a year, Art, Art History and Visual Studies professor Pedro Lasch convened 7,000 students from around the world to answer one question: “Can a MOOC be a work of art?”

“Art of the MOOC” (short for “massive open online course”), hosted by the online education company Coursera, introduced students to the key concepts and practices of public art and explored the uses of online courses as vehicles for artistic creation. Lasch co-taught the course with Nato Thompson, the chief curator of New York-based public art collective Creative Time. The MOOC took 900 hours to put together and featured 29 guest lecturers from around the globe including artists, activists and even the mayor of Bogota, Colombia. Lasch discussed the benefits, challenges and surprises of teaching (and grading!) art online.

Read the interview with Pedro Lasch in Duke Today.

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Pedro Lasch
Associate Research Professor, Art, Art History & Visual Studies