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Nov 12 2014
What exactly does it mean to map multiculturalism? Perhaps even more difficult is, what exactly we mean when we say multiculturalism? When I decided to apply for the Mapping Multiculturalism grant, these were the first two questions I needed to engage. After much deliberation I finally decided that I wanted to focus on racial multiculturalism in Germany, specifically Afro-Germans. I set out to put the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s words to the test that Germany was indeed a multicultural...Read More about Afro-Germans: Bridging the Gap Between 29 Years
Oct 23 2014
On October 8, Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow Kimberly Stern and Jay O'Berski, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Theater Studies presented Oscar Wilde's controversial play Salome. The informal staging featuring students, faculty, staff, and professionals. Wilde once wrote: "If I were asked of myself as a dramatist, I would say that my unique position was that I had taken the Drama, the most objective form known to art, and made it as personal a mode of expression as the Lyric...Read More about An Informal Staging of Oscar Wilde's Salome
Sep 25 2014
Eric Ferreri's survey of the first three years of HWL in Duke Today shows that the initiative has facilitated innovative, cross-disciplinary classes and projects all over Duke's campus. The result is a deeper, richer experience of the humanities. The breadth and depth of the initiative’s reach is impressive: Thus far, it has underwritten more than 40 new courses, 18 visiting fellows and myriad lab projects, class trips and other ventures that faculty members simply wouldn’t otherwise have the...Read More about The Many Tentacles of Humanities Writ Large
Sep 25 2014
“How does media shape a child’s perception of race, both of herself and others?” “How has domestic and global international policy concerning direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising for pharmaceuticals affected the use of prescription drugs in the U.S. and around the world?” “How do the economic pressures on Broadway affect how new plays are presented to the public? What, in the end, is the relationship between commerce and art?” “What caused the 2008 Financial Crisis?” “Does migration change the...Read More about What Do These Six Questions Have in Common?
Sep 19 2014
Brazil is an increasingly important player on the world stage. Its profile at Duke is rising as well. A Humanities Lab launched this semester, Global Brazil: Culture, Nature, Politics, joins a new major in Brazilian and Portuguese Studies and the Duke Brazil Initiative....Read More about New Humanities Lab Takes On the World's Largest Unknown Country, Brazil
Sep 19 2014
Richard Powell, Duke's new Dean of the Humanities, spoke to the Duke Chronicle about both the practical and the personal value of study in the humanities. The article appeared in the September 3 issue and was written by Michelle Xu....Read More about On Taking Advantage of All the Humanities Have to Offer
Sep 12 2014
This past summer I worked on my research project examining discourses on sex work in Germany. Enacted by the German Bundestag in 2002, the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes was passed formally recognizing sex work as labor. Prior to the reform, prostitution was strictly prohibited but was classified as an immoral transaction that would not be recognized and protected under German Civil Code. Therefore, sex workers were denied legal rights to remuneration and access to social...Read More about Sex Work Discourse in Germany: Historicizing the Legalization Debate
Sep 11 2014
The opening event for Subnature and Culinary Culture was on Wednesday, September 3 at the Franklin Center. It began with a lunch that featured seaweed salad and crunchy cricket salt and ended with rosemary meringues prepared and baked in the smokehouse behind the Allen Building. In between was a panel discussion of the project's concept and its specific manifestation in a range of disciplines. “Subnature” is a term coined by David Gissen to categorize what architects have historically referred...Read More about Subnature and Culinary Culture Kickoff Event
Sep 4 2014
Yvonne Welbon, a Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow last year, will return to Duke in December to screen her latest project, The New Black. The film, directed by Yoruba Richen, explores the African-American community's reaction to gay rights and, in particular, the push for marriage equality. Welbon is the film's producer. The screening well be followed by a panel discussion. Melissa Harris-...Read More about Former Visiting Faculty Fellow Yvonne Welbon Returns This Fall With Her Latest Project
Aug 15 2014
What light can Athenian democracy, as conceived and practiced 2500 years ago, shed on our own? During the 2014-15 academic year, two interrelated courses answer this question: Athenian Law (Fall) and Democracy: Ancient and Modern (Spring). The following special sessions featuring guest speakers or student leaders are open to the Duke Community: Democracy: Ancient and Modern (Spring 2015, T/Th, 1:25-2:40; 103 Gross Hall) Open Seminars are led by students and are open to the Duke community....Read More about Athenian Democracy and Us