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Sep 6 2012
Adeline Koh, a Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow, is currently designing Trading Races with GreaterThanGames lab. Trading Races is an elaborate historical role-playing game designed to teach race consciousness in an undergraduate course. The game is set at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus in April 2003, two months before the Supreme Court landmark decisions on affirmative action. Players take on the...Read More about Undergraduate Students Needed to Play a New Game
Jun 20 2012
The Department of Cultural Anthropology was awarded funding for both summer mentoring and a year-long thesis writers workshop. Seven students completed projects that resulted in Graduation with Distinction. One of the graduate student mentors, Netta van Vliet, has written a report on the summer mentoring process and its outcomes. Among them are:...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Cultural Anthropology 2011/2012
Jun 20 2012
Martin Connor created his impressive and ambitious Senior Distinction Project, “Haitian Requiem,” as a musical expression of tribute and remembrance for the victims, heroes, and lost souls of the Haitian Tragedy of 2010. Mr. Connor created a musical score of dazzling beauty and craftsmanship, incorporating Latin and Creole with the unique orchestration of brass quintet, voices, percussion, and Chapel carillon. Braxton Shelley's senior distinction project combined a superb paper entitled All...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Music 2011/12
Jun 20 2012
Ragtime, the musical, ran in Reynolds Theater April 5-15, 2012. It was a collaboration between the Departments of Theater Studies, Music, Dance and the student groups Hoof 'n' Horn and Duke Chamber Players. It was also Nathaniel Hill's senior distinction project. “We selected Ragtime because of its profound relevance in 2012,” says student producer Nathaniel Hill.  “By re-examining the Ragtime era through a modern eye, our faculty dramaturg Jules Odendahl-James seeks to show students how they...Read More about Undergraduate Research: Theater Studies 2011/2012
Jun 20 2012
Last summer (2011), as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, I began research on my Classical Studies Senior Honors Thesis. My topic of choice is the incorporation of foreign gods into the Greek Pantheon and what such incorporation reveals about ancient Greek self-identity. My project focused on Egyptian influences on Greek art from the Middle Bronze Age and Early Archaic Period. Most of the artistic influences I found in the art I studied came from a religious context. This really got me...Read More about An Undergraduate Research Experience: Foreign Gods and Ancient Greek Identity
Jun 12 2012
Cathy Davidson, Duke's John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, recently singled out the Haiti Lab as an "inspiring example of what higher education aspires to beyond the walls of the Ivory Tower." Since late April, she has written a "series of posts... on changing higher education to change the world" for Co.EXIST, an offshoot of Fast Company...Read More about Cartwheeling into the Future of Higher Education
May 17 2012
Ann Marie Rasmussen I am Professor Ann Marie Rasmussen and I wanted to share the experience that the Rivalrous Masculinity Working Group had recently when we hosted a visit by Anne McClanan, a Professor of Byzantine Art History at Portland State University. She earned her PhD at Harvard, her MA at Johns Hopkins, and her BA at Columbia, so she came with a great deal of scholarly expertise in the area on which our course will be...Read More about Learning to Teach in New Ways
Apr 12 2012
Lauren Zalla, a senior who has collaborated with the Haiti Lab on several projects, has recently won the Davis Projects for Peace Award, which provides $10,000 to a recipient to design and carry out a grassroots project for the summer of 2012. Lauren will undertake a project that addresses an immediate and life-changing need for Haitian women: the lack of access to sanitary materials. Lauren is writing a thesis on the history...Read More about Senior Lauren Zalla receives Davis Projects for Peace Award
Apr 2 2012
“We can no longer have this old Marxist confidence that we know where history is going. History is going into an abyss.”- Slavoj Žižek by Jason Cohen We may, perhaps, map the abyss. And we may, perhaps again, be consoled or inspired or transported by the mapping. This is Jason Cohen, Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow, and that’s what I discovered a few weekends ago at a workshop sponsored by Duke’s BorderWork(s), and what I’m here...Read More about Frontier + Stranger + Backwoods + Burning River = Map