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Jan 4 2013
Richard Utz, chair of the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology, recently blogged in The Chronicle of Higher Education about the history and evolution of English departments, as well as his thoughts on where the next evolution should take us....Read More about The Trouble With English
Jan 4 2013
At the 2013 annual meeting of the American Historical Association, one topic of discussion among history department chairs was proactive approaches to staying relevant in the current higher education and employment markets.  Tracy Neal Leavelle of Creighton University in Omaha reported that efforts are under way there to reshape the core curriculum, including history, to focus more on strategic learning outcomes than pure content. By focusing on “discovery” rather than mere “exposure,” he said...Read More about Historic Relevance
Jan 4 2013
Duke's Dean of Humanities, Srinivas Aravamudan, is one of three critics of the recent book Blow Up the Humanities by Toby Miller in the LA Review of Books. Miller is “dedicated to studying the ‘cross-pollinating world’ of the creative industries, including news, entertainment, and sports. By coupling intellectual seriousness with pragmatic engagement, Miller aims to merge the two humanities in a resilient new hybrid.” Aravamudan writes that Blow Up the Humanities is “part Molotov cocktail and...Read More about Should We Be Blowing Up the Humanities?
Nov 19 2012
...in virtual reality. Speculat1on, an alternate reality game developed last year in the GreaterThanGames Lab, is being taught in undergraduate courses at Vassar and the University of Chicago. From the Franklin Humanities Institute blog:...Read More about Duke Humanities Lab is Helping to Spread a Financial Crisis...
Oct 23 2012
On Friday, October 26, approximately two dozen North Carolina-based artists, educators and others who work in humanities and social science fields will convene at Duke for a regional meeting of the American Academy Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences. President Brodhead co-chairs the national commission, created in 2011 to seek ways to raise the profile and impact of the humanities and social sciences in the public sphere. See...Read More about American Academy Commission on the Humanities & Social Sciences
Oct 8 2012
What video have you been watching obsessively on YouTube? What meme popped up on your Facebook feed today for the hundredth time? What crazy forwarded email did you get from your grandmother yesterday? Whether we want to admit it or not, in the digital age we are constantly confronted by things that have gone viral. Of course the next question is “Why?” Why do these things go viral? What makes something viral in the first place? Did things go viral before there were computers or the internet?...Read More about What are you watching, listening to, thinking about, obsessing over?
Oct 4 2012
When we launched Humanities Writ Large last year, we set as our starting premise that we recognize the need for citizens and leaders to be able to obtain knowledge, to analyze it, and to think and act collaboratively in innovative ways to address growing interdisciplinary and global challenges. The humanities are vital to providing the training and skills necessary to understand cultural similarities and differences, to sift through the daily fire hose of incoming information, and to make the...Read More about Humanities Writ Large goals featured in Founders' Day speech
Sep 25 2012
The Department of Romance Studies had the opportunity to hire two Brazilianists at the same time—Professors Gustavo Furtado and Lamonte Aidoo—allowing a significant multiplier effect that would not have been available to Duke without the Mellon Foundation's support for Humanities Writ Large. Brazilian Studies is a rich area within comparative area studies as Brazil is both quite similar to (for instance in areas of slavery and race relations) and rather dissimilar from (in terms of language and...Read More about First New Faculty Hired Through HWL