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Feb 15 2013
In a recent Washington Post opinion column, Danielle Allen, professor of social science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., called on the Education Department to challenge states “to build curricular and pedagogic innovations...Read More about Preparing Students for Careers, and to Understand the Complexity of the World
Feb 15 2013
“I am constantly saddened to see bright college students and their parents confuse choosing a major with launching a career, taking, say, business over their passion in English or philosophy solely because they can look on Monster.com and see job posts for one and not the other” writes Richard Greenwald, Dean of St. John’s College in New York in a Huffington...Read More about Don't Confuse Choosing a Major with Launching a Career
Feb 15 2013
Professor Laurent Dubois, one of the co-directors of the Haiti Lab, was interviewed for Faith & Leadership, an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School. He described how the Haiti Lab came to be and the importance of having freedom to experiment, paired...Read More about The Haiti Lab: We Had the Idea and We Did It
Feb 6 2013
During Science Week on WUNC's "The State of Things" a team of faculty from Duke and other universities discussed empathy in its various forms (cognitive, motor, and emotional) as it relates to people with autism, as well as to sociopaths. Ralph James Savarese, Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor of English at Grinnell College, brings both a literary and very personal perspective to the conversation with others who specialize in psychology and neuroscience,...Read More about How Does Empathy Make Us Uniquely Human?
Feb 6 2013
Ralph James Savarese, Ph.D., launched the 2012-13 "Neurodiversity and the Humanities" Series with a presentation titled "What Some Autistics Can Teach Us About Poetry: A Neurocosmopolitan Approach." Professor Savarese is a Humanities Writ Large Visiting Faculty Fellow. Why is an English professor working with brain scientists? To change our understanding of the interaction between autism and poetry....Read More about A "Poetic Sensibility" and Autism?
Jan 25 2013
A set of articles in University Business magazine and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel features small colleges that are successfully upholding their commitment to a traditional liberal arts education. The common...Read More about Liberal Arts College Values in a Research University
Jan 22 2013
Duke University’s founding was predicated on the conviction that education ought to be grounded in meaningful scholarship concerning society’s most significant challenges.  Many of the core problems of our time – climate change, financial crises, addiction, and social inequality – arise from individuals and their choices. As part of the "Brain & Society" theme in the newly announced Bass Connections, brain research on...Read More about Bass Connections Helps Address Society's Greatest Challenges
Jan 18 2013
The GreaterThanGames lab's Speculat1on game is featured on Duke Today. In life, Matthew Davis was kind of a jerk. A human resources manager for a big corporation, he reveled in abusing his power and ripping his underlings. And yet in death, Davis was a compelling enough figure to warrant a true, 21st century sendoff -- a Facebook page in his honor. "I thought it would be fun to canonize the guy," said Reed Gaines, the Vassar College undergraduate who created the RIP Matthew Davis page. "He wasn...Read More about Teaching Gaming Through Economic Woe, and Economic Woe Through Gaming
Jan 14 2013
Michael Bérubé, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor and director of the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at Pennsylvania State University, and 2012 president of the Modern Language Association, recently posted his answer to this question on CNN's Schools of Thought blog: "Plenty."...Read More about What will you do with an English degree?