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Apr 23 2013
Humanities Writ Large projects will be well represented at the CIT Showcase on Friday, April 26. If you want to learn more about Visiting Professor Adeline Koh's Trading Races game, the Fantasy Art Collecting game used in art history and economics classes, the Rivalrous Masculinities course and project, or the GreaterThanGames Lab's ARG ...Read More about CIT Showcase
Apr 11 2013
"Humanitarianism in Haiti: Vision and Practice," is underway. The first panel addressed the lack of transparency about the use of both taxpayer and donor dollars, and the lack of lasting accomplishments, since the January 2012 earthquake. Read about it in Duke Today. What's known: Governments and private donors pledged massive amounts of money to Haiti following the January...Read More about Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?
Apr 10 2013
The Association of American Colleges and Universities has brought together 160 employers and 107 college presidents around a compact, released on Wednesday by AAC&U. The signatories pledged "to help the public understand the importance of a '21st-century liberal-arts education,' comprising broad and adaptive learning, personal and social responsibility, and intellectual skills."...Read More about Employers Want to Hire Broadly Educated People
Mar 21 2013
Duke's PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge (PhD Lab) is designed to help PhD students develop digital skills for teaching, research, and publishing / production. Because of this interest in helping PhD students develop these skills -- which will be useful for an academic career, an "alt-ac" career, or a career outside the academy -- Duke has signed on as one of seven members of the recently formed...Read More about Praxis Network: Innovative Approaches to PhD Education
Mar 21 2013
One sign of the success of Duke's Haiti Lab is that students at Duke will soon be able to study Tibetan. What do an island in the French Caribbean and a language spoken in central Asia have to do with each other? According to a story in Duke Today, starting in Fall 2013 Duke students will be able to study the Tibetan language with faculty and students at the University of Virginia, and UVA students will be able to study Haitian Creole...Read More about One Outcome of the Haiti Lab: Tibetan Language Classes
Mar 19 2013
Professor Caroline Bruzelius (Art, Art History & Visual Studies) and Professor Carlo Tomasi (Computer Science) led a team of Duke undergraduate students on a research trip to Naples over Spring break. They used the opportunity to test a new data capture system for use with medieval masonry. They worked primarily in the church of San Lorenzo, a Franciscan basilica in the heart of medieval Naples....Read More about Old Stones and New Technologies: Computer Vision and Medieval Walls
Mar 19 2013
In a global economic and political environment, "only the humanities and the social sciences give one access and entrée into the store," said Karl W. Eikenberry, former United States Ambassador to Afghanistan and a member of the American Academy Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, speaking at the National Humanities Alliance meeting in Washington this week.  Inside Higher Ed...Read More about Making the Case for the Arts at Duke
Mar 11 2013
One of the inaugural Emerging Humanities Networks funded by HWL, Rivalrous Masculinities, has just launched a virtual exhibition. The seven students who completed Professor Ann Marie Rasmussen's Fall 2012 course, Rivalrous Masculinities: Changes in Images of the Male Body Over Time, began a project that has considerable reach into the future. As one of the core assignments for the class, the students researched objects in the collection of the Nasher Museum...Read More about Rivalrous Masculinities Now On Display
Mar 7 2013
Visiting Faculty Fellow Joshua Nadel and his students in "Humanities in Humanitarianism: the Haiti Project," a joint Duke/NC Central course, have organized a conference that will bring together grassroots activists and donors, international NGO workers and theorists to critically assess both the aims of humanitarian and development aid and the efficacy of aid design and delivery. Humanitarianism in Haiti: Visions and Practice, is...Read More about Humanitarianism in Haiti: Visions and Practice
Feb 28 2013
When you hear that Brain Awareness Week begins this Saturday, March 2, you may think that means there is going to be lots of complicated scientific and medical information coming to the local news. And there will be scientific and medical information coming your way. But the coordinated efforts by scientists, teachers, students and service organizations are open to the public, and welcome audiences of any age and level of expertise. Several of the events will be held in locations around Durham...Read More about Brain Awareness Week Events May Surprise You