Mapping Multiculturalism: American Diversity and the New Multi-Ethnic Germany

2014 to 2015
Undergraduate Research

The German Department provided support for undergraduates to undertake 3 - 6 week research projects in Berlin seeking to answer specific questions in the following fields:

  • What is the relationship between American and German models of integration and inclusion - historically or at present?
  • How do social advocacy and activism build more diverse, inclusive communities?
  • How are debates on or theories of national identity and diversity reflected in the arts?

Applicants were paired with a Duke faculty mentor and an expert in the appropriate field in Berlin.  The experts available included:

  • Members of Parliament
  • Leaders of social advocacy groups
  • Museum curators, theater directors, and art historians
  • Archival research experts


Professor of Germanic Languages & Literature


Immigration and Integration in German Museums
-- Nov 14 2014

I researched how German museums present immigration and integration and how this impacts public understanding.  I visited around thirty museums and memorials and interviewed museum curators, whose... Read More

Racism in German Children's Literature
-- Nov 13 2014

This research project is about German public opinion of racism in children’s books- based on a small selection of opinion and other newspaper articles pertaining to the topic.

The project... Read More

Afro-Germans: Bridging the Gap Between 29 Years
-- Nov 12 2014

What exactly does it mean to map multiculturalism? Perhaps even more difficult is, what exactly we mean when we say multiculturalism? When I decided to apply for the Mapping Multiculturalism grant... Read More

Sex Work Discourse in Germany: Historicizing the Legalization Debate
-- Sep 12 2014

This past summer I worked on my research project examining discourses on sex work in Germany. Enacted by the German Bundestag in 2002, the Act Regulating the Legal Situation of Prostitutes was... Read More